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I had developed my creative idiom through learning and understanding of the techniques of television production during the second half of the seventies. I am a painter, and at that time I was interested in whether I could paint in the spirit of the time. As I was interested in the creative process rather than the product itself, I exchanged the ultimate substantial painting for a live electromagnetic image on the screen. In the simultaneity of the electronic intervention and the triggered effect on the screen I tried to reach a technological illusion enabled by the sophisticated television equipment. I discovered parallel time passing through the space of the video screen, and felt the irresistible urge to express myself through moving images, sounds, texts, and stories.


Born on 11 May 1954 in Ljubljana. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (1976), where he also completed postgraduate studies in video and television (1979). In 1991 he graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles (film directing and video). Between 1980 and 1987 he was the director of several music and art programmes for TV Slovenia introducing experiments in video technology. He was the initiator and organiser of the Ljubljana video festival, International Biennial Video C.D. (1983-1987), and of the study of video and television at the Department of Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana at the time of its establishing. He has been engaged in directing and producing videotapes, installations and visual arts programmes for television. He lives and works in Ljubljana and US.



2”, RTV Ljubljana 1976/77, 120'
Script & Dir Miha Vipotnik
Camera Lenart Vipotnik
Edit Milan Milošević

The first attempts at computer animation by means of the interaction of the camera and the monitor. The graphic sign is constantly moving, the effects are changing with the interventions of the hand in front of the monitor.

2”, U-matic, RTV Ljubljana 1976/79, 28'
Script & Dir Miha Vipotnik
Camera studijska ekipa
Music Al Stone
Edit Milan Milošević
Cast Maja Boh, Andrej Trobentar, Dušan Rogelj

With the layering of picture (double exposure, flowing changes of images, frosen image, solarisation) and sound, the artists and the objects in the television studio merged into electronic sensations - an infinite series of over-illuminated, perforated and broken images. The video was made on the basis of the multimedia project (screening and installation) of the same title, and it was presented as 'the deconstruction of screening' in the framework of experimental programme on television (RTV Ljubljana).

VHS, b&w, Miha Vipotnik, Ljubljana 1980, 2' 30''
Author Miha Vipotnik
Cast Miha Vipotnik

The video represents formal research into the space of the television screen. The artist walks along the lower edge of the screen. When he reaches the side edge, he begins to walk upwards, defying the rules of gravity. In the upper edge, the motion of turning onto the new edge is repeated. Rather than maintaining an upright position, the actor stands on his hands, and then shoves himself off the screen. The intense physical effort is evident in his body.


U-matic, TV Koper & Obalne galerije Piran, 1984, 7'
Script & Dir Miha Vipotnik
Cast Andraž Šalamun
Camera Miha Vipotnik
Music Miha vipotnik
Edit Milan Milošević, TV Koper

This video shows a friendly talk with the painter and philosopher Andraž Šalamun. It alters the succession of events, thus manipulating the text and creating a complex narrative without logic and continuity. The flow of impulses and associations is reminiscent of the performance and automatic action-writing of poetry.

U-matic, TV Koper 1984, 2' 30''
Author Miha Vipotnik

The video is a reflection of the chain letters; it is filled with narratives about human destiny and mysterious events that took place in 1955.

U-matic, Brut, Ljubljana 1986, 1'
Scenario & Dir Miha Vipotnik
Edit Marijan Osole - Max
Cast Miha Vipotnik

A contribution to Avtovizija (Autovision), an edition of the Integrali (Integrals) series.

U-matic, TDS Magenta, Cankarjev dom & RTV Ljubljana 1987, 23'
Script & Dir Miha Vipotnik
Cast Teater Sester Scipion Nasice
Camera Lenard Vipotnik
Music Laibach
Edit Zdene Kuzmič, Keni Hodžić
Sets Irwin

This is an art video documentation of the production by the Sisters of Scipion Nasice theatre group. The reading of the first letter by the Sisters of Scipion Nasice, which is based on the ideas of the philosopher S. Bakhantoi, continues into the theatre spectacle. The spectacle does not rely on a dramatic text, but expresses itself primarily through the language of fine art attractions.

Video 8, U-matic, CalArts, Los Angeles 1988, 35''
Author Miha Vipotnik
Cast Dee McMillin
From the Video 8 Sketch Tapes series.

A video sketch of the performer Dee McMillan and her project Log on. The video touches poetically on the undeniable human freedom of creation. An insignificant sound from the background triggers a flow of associations and changes the course of editing. Despite its customary appearance, the electricity cable represents the umbilical cord and the measure of the duration of the video.


Video 8, U-matic, CalArts, Los Angeles 1988, 1' 22''
Author Miha Vipotnik
From the Video 8 Sketch Tapes

The mechanical measurement of time presented by a non-functioning clock is the background for the circling of the camera, and thus for the measuring of time. Noises of hammering and of editing procedures are heard in the background. The circling of the camera rhythmically cuts the frozen image. The suspense is growing and the image changes into a female body with the sounds from the background. A movement of the prone body, like the stretching of a ballerina's legs, gives the impression of lightness, which is emphasised by the upside-down shot and the rhythm of the camera, and accompanied by the heavy sound of an iron drawer closing.

Video 8, U-matic, CalArts, Los Angeles 1989, 7'
Avtor Miha Vipotnik

Documentation of the shooting of a video film by George Kuchar: sequences of incidental shots from the backstage, edited directly in the camera.

Beta SP, CalArts Los Angeles & WGBH Boston 1989/90, 18' (43' 20')
Script Miha Vipotnik & Tomislav Longinovič po knjigi / based upon the novel Moment of Silence by Tomislav Longinovič
Dir Miha Vipotnik
Camera Brad Pulsen
Edit Miha Vipotnik
Cast Jan Triska, John Apicella, Ana Divac

When he returns to his homeland and wishes to carry out his project, a theatre director faces a number of problems. The difficulties manifest themselves as a nightmare.

The video was the basis of the installation and the television drama of the same title.

Beta SP, CalArts, Los Angeles 1993/96, 9'
Author Miha Vipotnik
Camera Kosta Krstić, Miha Vipotnik
Comput. anim.. Igor Rianović
Edit Anthony Wilderman
Cast Jim Rohing, Eric Orr

A short dramatic story in the form of an interview by the musician Jim Rohing with the sculptor Eric Orr about his life and work in the sixties and seventies. The interviewer bombards his subject with questions, almost simulating a police investigation. The artist defends his positions and concepts. At another level, the story narrates the imaginative disappearance of Johnny. Citations from Orr's book are inscribed simultaneously onto the screen, presenting to the viewer the double dynamics of the spoken and the written word.


Docomentary video

Art Beat
3/4”, DDV, Beta, Cindy Burges, Los Angeles 1992/94, 45'
The presentation of the current events in Los Angeles galleries: thirteen interviews with artists and gallerists.

Music video

U-matic, RTV Ljubljana 1983, 4'
A folk song about a girl and her deceased lover, sung by Mateja
Koležnik and Jani Kovačič.

Bandiera Rossa
(Pop godba)
Pankrti, U-matic, RTV Ljubljana 1984, 30'

Kut gas, Beta, Aanima & Mojca Hruševar Rakušček, Ljubljana
1997, 2' 30''

TV shows

Jugo Rock / Jugo-rock
U-matic, RTV Ljubljana 1980/87
A series of half-hour music television programmes which introducing Šarlo Akrobata, Na lepem prijazni, Drago Mlinarec and Tomaž Domicelj.

Nova godba / New Music
Beta SP, RTV Ljubljana 1981, 2´,30', 20'
A concert by the Codona music group (Don Cherry, Collin Walcott, and Nana Vasconcelos).

New Paintings at Museum of Modern Art Paris
Beta SP, CTC Studio, Paris 1983
Kenny Sharf, Keith Harring, Jean Michael Basquiat, Crash, Di Rosa.

Andrej iz Stražišča / Andrej from Stražišče
Beta SP, RTV Ljubljana 1984, 30'
An experimental music programme about Andrej Šifrer.


Zeezel the zowie Zaoon in the Color Chase
35 mm, 1994

Prommes de Émile
16 mm, b&w, 1994


Personal projects and installations

Multivizija Videograma 4, Ljubljana, Galerija Riharda Jakopiča
Videoprojekcija, Ljubljana, Galerija Škuc

Stopnišče / vodnjak (with music group Saeta), Ljubljana,
Moderna galerija

Video grafike (Prozor u muzičku radionicu), Sarajevo,
RTV Sarajevo

Avtovizija, Ljubljana, RTV Ljubljana

Eight (with Tomislav Longinovič), San Francisco, Art Space

tipOpera (with Ear Unit of California & Eva Beglarian), Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

imusicirus, image-music-circus (with Ear Unit of California), Los Angeles, Los Angeles

County Museum of Art


Blows Against the Empire: Video Art in Yugoslavia, cat. of the presentation in the American Film Institute, Los Angeles 1987

Group Exhibitions and festivals

Festival de Audiovisuelle Contemporain, Nancy

Provokacija medija `80, Ljubljana, Galerija DSLU -- Video susret, Belgrade, Galerija Studentskog kulturnog centra

Video '83, Salerno -- Journées Audio-Visuelles Internationals `83, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou -- Video Stock '83, Cannes -- TDS samostojnih kulturnih delavcev, Ljubljana, Galerija Equrna

Video TV Europe, Milan -- World Wide Video Festival 84, Den Haag, Kijkhuis -- Video '84, Montreal

Paysage Du Clip - International Music Video Festival, Paris

Video festival Skopje `86, Skopje -- Najnovejša jugoslovanska video produkcija / La recente production Vidéo en Yougoslavie, Koper, Galerija Loža > Paris, Centre culturel Yougoslave (Video match France - Yougoslavie)

American Film Institute Video Festival 87, Los Angeles, American Film Institute -- Blows Against Empire: Video Art in Yugoslavia, Los Angeles, American Film Institute > San Francisco, Artists Space

Video Art International: Yugoslavia, Boston, ICA -- Aspect de la video Yougoslave, Geneva, St-Gervais MJC

Deconstruction, Quotation & Subversion: Video from Yugoslavia (Metaphysical Visions / Middle Europe), New York, Artists Space > Boston, ICA

LB Video Annex, Long Beach

LA Freewaves - 6th Celebration of Independent Video & New Media, Los Angeles, The Museum of Contemporary Art