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Probably I am not a typical `video artist', since sometimes I choose film as a bearer of the moving images of my projects. It is most important to choose an appropriate medium for the idea one wishes to convey. For example, if I shoot the image on film, edit it with computer-controlled technology, and finally (in the case of an installation) project it in a space, this means that I have used four different media, and actually I do not know how to name this process. It could be `mixed technique', just like in painting. But I think this is not important. In the period of the fusion of media and countless technological possibilities, the wealth of ideas is a much more interesting issue. I assent to the idea of the Californian artist James Hayward: `In the world of modern technology there is no idea which would need this technology to express itself.'


Born on 14 February 1966 in Ljubljana. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1990. She is engaged in installations, video, short films and dance films, and works as a free-lance artist.


U-matic, TV Sarajevo, Sarajevo 1989, 4' 20''
Script & Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Goran Kokot
Music Ivo Robić
Edit Marin Cvijetić, Zijad Mehić
Cast Robert Žvokelj

Video poetry exploring the question of finding a synthesis between two media - poetry and video.

U-matic, TV Sarajevo, Sarajevo 1989, 6' 10''
Script & Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Mladen Mićević, Branko Bogunović
Music Klaus Nomi
Edit Marin Cvijetić, Zijad Mehić
Cast 2 plesalca / dancers & Nataša Prosenc

The dance-floor and dancer are symbols of two worlds and generations placed in opposition. The division is defined by music and chromatic contrasts. The dancer first dances a waltz, but this later changes to rock'n'roll. The video is enhanced by drawings, which impart to the image an impression of multiple layers.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1990, 1' 45''
Script & Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Aleksander Šmuc
Music Milko Lazar
Edit Zdenko Kuzmič
Cast Neli Kodrič

The repeated use of a media image gives it the status of stereotype - in this case a clock announcing the beginning of the television news. The artist wishes to undermine the 'freezing' of the stereotypical media image; she transforms it and thus reinstates time in its natural and constant flow. The concept and form of the work are characterised by irony.

Beta SP, Eurospekter & TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1991, 7' 8''
Script & Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Aleksander Šmuc
Music Milko Lazar
Edit Milan Milošević
Cast Alpinisti AO Kozjak
Also part of the installation with the same name

This video can be viewed as a video fairy-tale: it contains all the elements of one. The happening takes place in a forest. We see a dwarf that never shows its face, but on its travels it often encounters other incredible beings. Graphic signs are component parts of the image, and they are accentuated by Saba Skaberne's and Tamara Sevčnikar's sculptures, which also form part of the installation of the same title.

Beta SP, Video produkcija Kregar, Ljubljana 1992, 8' 15''
Script & Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera & Edit Andrej Kregar
Music Milko Lazar
Sound Milko Lazar, Protin
Cast Katarina Prosenc, Saba Skaberne, Tine Vrhunc, Stanko Kolbezen...

Video as a component part of an installation, in which images of sand are projected onto a triangular canvas. The top of the triangle is linked to a video monitor presenting a series of people without eyes. The images of human faces are related to the four basic natural elements, while the triangle conveys the impression of transformation.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1992, 4' 15''
Script Neli Kodrič & Nataša Prosenc
Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Andrej Lupinc
Music Milko Lazar
Edit Stane Otorepec
Cast Katarina Prosenc, Nataša Prosenc, Mario Oblak, Igor Oblak

The eternal issue of the relation between the sexes is presented by pairs and accentuated by the details which are doubled. In the foreground we see fish ('real' fish, or a graphic sign), and from time to time they completely fill the screen. The video image is supplemented by art objects - a constant feature in Prosenc's works.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1993, 7' 45''
Script Nataša Prosenc & Tomaž Brate
Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Radovan Čok
Music Milko Lazar
Edit Zlatjan Čučkov
Cast Jožef Ropoša, Elma Selmanagić

The video image transforms the deceptive motionless state of stones into transparency, into looking 'through' the stone. Within the framework of the story this means that even stones have memory and this points to the images of people made immortal by their gravestones. The memory of the seemingly dead and living objects conjoin in eternity, but this relationship is merely an illusory result of the electronic age.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1994, 3' 18''
Script & Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Vladimir Drašković
Music Milko Lazar
Edit Sonja Peklenik
Cast Majda Vrhunec, Tamara Milošević Berlič, Tomaž Goričan, Zvone Pirc

The video film replicates the labyrinth presented in the installation of the same title. Bricks are placed on the floor, and they pass into the labyrinth on the screen. The figures never come from 'behind the walls' of the labyrinth, we can only hear the sound of their fleeting steps.

Betac SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1995, 3'
Script in režija Nataša Prosenc
Camera Željko Ivančič
Music Milko Lazar
Edit Zvone Judež

This video in black-and-white presents people participating in mass rituals, primarily wars and the glorification of leaders, which are constant and universal documents of the world. The global and temporal association of these images is emphasised by the graphic sign of a disc, the only colourful object on the screen, which emerges into our view and disappears from it, until finally it is destroyed by a lizard, another - and the last - colourful creature in the records of the world. Every artist's creation emerges and disappears, and on the electronic picture this process is even faster.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1995, 3'
Script & Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Andrej Lupinc
Music Milko Lazar
Edit Tomo Zajc
Cast Sandi Kolmanko

The idea of time connects with the image inherent in video, the encrustation of the picture, which allows for the free exchange of images from different worlds and periods. The double silhouette of a person delineates two time segments: the passing of daily life, and nocturnal fireworks. Both worlds pass from one shape to another, until they finally freeze into what they actually represent: a human statue.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1995, 3'
Script & Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Andrej Lupinc
Music Data Direct - Borut Kržišnik
Edit Zlatan Čučkov
Cast Maruša Oblak, Miloš Battelino

A man and a woman aim to fulfil their desire for power, beauty, supremacy and other similar human attributes. The male and the female are represented through archetypal images: a strong man's body fighting against the crude force of nature, and a woman's body and its clothing reflected in a mirror. The video image presents these archetypes in duplicate, in slow-motion and replication, and thus it assembles the collective visual memory of human inclinations.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Maribor 1997, 4' 30''
Script & Dir Nataša Prosenc
Camera Zoran Vadnu
Music Borut Kržišnik
Edit Goran Glavičič

The video focuses on the concept of skin, which is the borderline between the body and its surroundings. The picture consciously rejects all sophisticated visual manipulation and instead uses basic visual effects: the play of light and shadow, and colour changes. The varying rhythm of the editing changes the vibration of skin - the image animates its life.

Docomentary video

Beta SP, A kanal, Ljubljana 1992, 7' 15''
A story 'through' paintings by Marija Mojca Pungerčar.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1993, 7' 45''
A short documentary film is dedicated to proteus, an amphibian living in Slovene Karst caves.

Beta SP, VPK, Ljubljana 1996, 7'


Betonski človek / Concrete Man
16 mm, Sfinga, Ljubljana 1995, 15' 45''

One way
16 mm, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1996, 4'

Samota v dvoje - Jutro / Solitude for Two - Morning
16 mm, CalArts, Los Angeles 1998, 8'


Mož na kocki / Diceman, Ljubljana, Galerija ŠKUC
Tam (Framski slap) / Over there (Fram Waterfall), Ljubljana, Galerija GT (with S. Skaberne & T. Sevčnikar)

Prosti pad / Free Fall, Ljubljana, Galerija KUD France Prešeren

Potovanje v nič / Journey into the Void, Ljubljana, Ljubljana Castle
Vertikalni horizont / Vertical Horizon, Ljubljana, Galerija
Riharda Jakopiča

Priprta ogledala / Mirrors Ajar, Koper, Galerija Loža
Prostor igre / Place of the Game, Roma, Galleria Nova

Priprta ogledala / Mirrors Ajar, Ljubljana, Galerija Equrna
Soba Velikega brata / Big Brother's Room, Hollywood, Lace Gallery (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
Vzrok / Reason, Ljubljana, Mala galerija > Maribor, Galerija Rotovž
Retrospektiva / Retrospection, Chiasso, Centro d'Arte Contemporanea

Soba Velikega brata / Big Brother's Room, Celje, Likovni salon
More, Graz, Raum für Kunst > The Wise Hand Ljubljana, Galerija Riharda Jakopiča
Steber / Column (Monocromo), Vicenza, Basilica Palladiana

Retrospective, Los Angeles, Italian Cultural Centre

Group exhibitions

Alternative film video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- 4. International Biennial Video CD 89, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- 15. jugoslavenski bienale mladih, Rijeka, Moderna galerija

Video susreti, Sarajevo, Muzej ZOI. `84 -- 5. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom

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7. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom -- Slovenski video (17. ICSID), Ljubljana, Galerija ZDSLU -- Art d'eco, Mednarodni biennale ekologije in umetnosti, Maribor, Umetnostna galerija -- Slovenski video festival, Idrija, grad Gewerkenegg

Alpe Adria cinema, Trieste, Teatro Miela -- Zimski salon, Ljubljana, Mestna galerija -- De Slovenen komen, Venlo, OOC Peron 55 -- Light Box, Viterbo, Galleria Sala Gatti > Rome > Torino -- Dani suvremenog slovenskog filma, Zagreb, Studentski centar

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