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Why do I shoot video spots? I don't know exactly. It is the same as when you ask a writer why he writes. I like listening to music and I like watching it. I like the device you call a camera. Especially when I'm holding it in my hand and it is buzzing somewhere close to my right ear. And I like sitting in the editing room, in the cockpit, where everything is still possible. I like adjusting the length of scenes. I feel good when the editor and I discover that one shot is a quarter of a second or two too long, and when that turns out to be true. And I feel good when I see one of my spots on television or stick it into a video after a year or two or three. In those moments it seems as if I am watching my dreams, which would be lost forever had I not put them on film.


Born on 29 April 1964 in Brežice. He graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana with his film But The Goat Survived. Since then he has realised a number of programmes for Studio Ljubljana at TV Slovenia. He is a collaborator of Arxel Tribe production house (computer animation), Iztok Kovač and his group En-knap, as well as of Mute Records, Ajax Studio, ZRC SAZU, Stop magazine and several advertising agencies.


Beta SP, Špela Mlakar, Ljubljana 1991, 8'
Script & Dir Sašo Podgoršek, Igor Zupe
Camera Valentin Perko
Music Kraftwerk
Voice Primož Vitez, Anja Rupel

Plečnik's Ilirski steber (Illyrian Column) in Ljubljana, a historical link between France and Slovenia, condensed into a visual gift intended for former French Culture Minister, Jack Lang.

Beta, PTL, Ljubljana 1993, 12'
Script Miran Šušteršič & Sašo Podgoršek
Dir Sašo Podgoršek
Camera Sven Pepeonik
Music Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Edit Zdene Kuzmič
Tanja Zgonc
Cast Tanja Zgonc, Mateja Rebolj, Sabina Potočki

The dance video is a play of contrasts: East against West, nature against the city, meditation against energy - a haiku born out of simplicity.

16 mm, Beta SP, EN-KNAP, Ljubljana 1996, 33'
Script Iztok Kovač
Dir Sašo Podgoršek
Camera Sven Pepeonik
Music Boris Kovač
Edit Tomo Zajc
Cast Maja Delak, Mala Kline, Claudia de Serpa Soares, Kathleen Reynolds, Jordi Casanovas, Antoine Lubach, Iztok Kovač, Aleš Hadalin

This film can most easily be classified in the genre of dance film - moving film, body film... A genre which bases its film language on the aesthetics of coded movements, the gestures and bodies of dancers, in contrast to the dialogue and close-ups of actors in a feature film. It is a polygon of specific film language in which a new narrative is born in the relation between a dancer, space, camera and sound. A film that deals with the relationship exposed by film and video media of the nineties: no more strict separation, but conceptual and technological complementation (e.g. the use of nonlinear editing in a film).

Documentary video

U-matic, Sašo Podgoršek, Ljubljana 1989, 22'

Ljubljanski grad
Beta, Sašo Podgoršek, Ljubljana 1991, 30'

Moderna galerija
Beta SP, Moderna Ljubljana 1991, 15'
Authors Sašo Podgoršek & Igor Zupe
A promotional video for the Ljubljana Museum of Modern Art - presentation of a permanent collection.

Music video

Ljubi in sovraži
Videosex, 16mm/Beta, Ljubljana 1992, 3' 12''

Cry Baby
Demolition Group, Super 8/Beta, Nord Cross Production, Ljubljana 1993, 3' 27''

Paseando Vals
Enzo Fabiani kvartet & Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar, Super 8, 16mm/Beta, Gledališče Glej, Ljubljana 1994, 2' 30''

Demolition Group, 16 mm/Beta, Nord Cross Production, Mute film & TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1994, 5'

Vlado Kreslin, 16mm/Beta, Ljubljana 1995, 3' 42''

Odšla bom še to noč
Anja Rupel, Super 8/Beta, Ljubljana 1995, 3' 17''

U tvojim očima
Demolition Group, Super 8/Beta, Ljubljana 1995, 4' 12''

A je to !, Super 8/Beta, Ljubljana 1995, 3' 7''

You Never Cry
Demolition Group, Super 8/Beta, Ljubljana 1996, 3' 54''

Komputer, 16mm/Beta, Ljubljana 1996, 3' 45''

God Is God
Laibach, 16mm/Beta, Ljubljana 1996, 3' 51''

Demolition Group, 16mm/Beta, Ljubljana 1997, 3' 43''

Basin Street Blues
Aleš Hadalin, 16mm/Beta, Ljubljana 1997, 2' 45''

Enzo Fabiani kvartet, 16mm/Beta, Ljubljana 1997, 5' 18''

Ako su to samo bile laži
Plavi orkestar, 16mm/Beta, Ljubljana 1998, 5' 5''


Beautiful Side (Hard)
16mm, Ljubljana 1988, 12'

Prostor (po)gleda / Place with a View
16mm, AGRFT, Ljubljana 1990, 18'

Koza je preživela / But the Goat Survived
35 mm, AGRFT, Ljubljana 1992, 10'

Temni angeli usode / Dark Angels
35 mm, Arsmedia d.o.o. & TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1998, 97'


Festivals and screenings

2. slovenski filmski maraton, Portorož, Avditorij -- Munchen Film Schools Festival, Munich

European Cultural Capital 1993, Antwerp

From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Rijeka, Moderna galerija > Maribor, Media Nox > Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren > Skopje, Muzej na sovremenata umetnost > Udine (Videokids '94), Sala Video Cinema Ferroviario > Portogruaro -- Videospotting, Ljubljana, klub Metropol

From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Moscow, Centre for Contemporary Arts > St. Petersburg, Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - St. Petersburg

6. slovenski filmski maraton, Portorož, Avditorij -- From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Los Angeles, CalArts > LACE Gallery

Festival del cinema nuovo, Pesaro -- Festival di film musicali, Rome -- Art Film Festival Trencianske Teplice, Trencin -- Festival of Art Films, Montreal -- Springdance Cinema Competition 97, Utrecht

Images, Festival of Independent Film and Video, Toronto -- Springdance Cinema Competition 98, Utrecht -- Sanremo International Music and Film festival, Sanremo