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Where are you, Mother of all torments of 'Slovene video'?

The deeper I dig, explore and reflect, the more clearly I see that the principal, fundamental torment of 'Slovene video' is - in my opinion - nothing more and nothing less than the torment of bad form, of poor X-terior or, in other words, the torment of a phrase, grimace, expression, face - yes, this is the source, spring, the beginning; this is where, harmoniously and without exception, all other 'Slovene' torments, pains and woes originate. But perhaps it would be better to say that the main, fundamental torment of 'Slovene video' is nothing but the suffering born of the restraint provoked by another human being, of our suffocation and yearning for air in the tight, narrow, rigid picture which others have of us. Maybe...

Mr. Ferdy Durke - 1937/99

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Born on 17 July 1956 in Maribor. He was the founder of the ŠKUC-Forum Video Section and, later, of TDS Brut as well as a producer and the initiator of the ATV 'alternative television'. He has been a cameraman, editor and director of numerous commercial, music and art videos. He ran the Brut video studio at Beethovnova Street in Ljubljana, where many video artists realised their works. In 1991 he moved to the Netherlands, where he has been engaged in video production.


U-matic, ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 4' 50''
Author M. O. Max

A metamorphosis of the image of the artist's own body and face by means of electronic manipulation. In the forefront is the eye which acquires a double function of looking: the eye is looking and is being looked at.

U-matic, Brut, Ljubljana 1988, 7' 23''
Author M. O. Max
Cast Alenka Nahtigal / Nevenka Lesjak (dve različici / two versions)
Music Jurij Korenc

A playful love confession. Due to the scratching of the image and sound, and by photomontage of real images and graphic details the effect of visual 'correspondence' is obtained.

U-matic, Brut & FV Video/ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1988, 53' 34''

The compilation of art, music and commercial videos: Video art (anti-commercial), Raw (Laibach), Mora, Miladojka Youneed, Lačni Franz, Love Letter, Videosex, Avtop, Unsere pop Grupe (Laibach) and GBH.

U-matic, Brut, Ljubljana 1988, 13'
Script Polona Sepe, Max
Dir & Camera M. O. Max
Cast Rajko Vidrih, Nevenka Lesja, Miloš Battelino, Jelica Cetin
Music Borghesia

The video artist starts to dream of travelling into the West while working on a commercial. The dreams turn into a black-and-white nightmare of scenes of socialist bureaucracy and rituals and are intertwined by colourful scenes and symbols of capitalism, such as Coca-Cola, limousine, Playboy. The reality and the dreams are visually separated, but connected by means of constant manipulation through sound and by a repeating image of an attractive blonde.

(Video gledalnica) Video Watch
U-matic, ATV - FV Video / ŠKDForum & Brut, Ljubljana 1987, 25'
Authors M. O. Max & Neven Korda

A demonstration of scratch video techniques by means of a witty comparison between a videomaker from the 'undeveloped', yet creative East and video artists from the market economies of the West.


Documentary video

Linije sile / Lines of Force
(with Irma Mežnarič), U-matic, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 5'
An alternative fashion show by the group of artists (Mojca Pungerčar, Lidija Bernik, Tanja Lakovnik in Lela B. Njatin) in the ŠKUC Gallery.

Morte ai sciavi
U-matic, ŠKD Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 17' 30''
A documentary video presenting a concert by the Laibach group at the 1982 Novi Rock festival. A video as a document on the beginnings of the controversial band with its original members.

Music video

Krvava gruda, plodna zemlja / Raw
Laibach, U-matic, Brut (za / for Channel 4), Ljubljana 1986, 4'

(with Neven Korda)
Borghesia, U-matic, ATV - FV Video/ŠKD Forum & Brut, Ljubljana 1987, 5'

Ra ta ta ta
Miladojka Youneed, U-matic, Brut (za / for RTV Ljubljana) Ljubljana 1987, 6' 4''

Zemlja pleše / The Dancing Earth
Videosex, U-matic, Brut (za / for RTV Ljubljana), Ljubljana 1987, 2' 17''

Zdravica / A Toast
Lačni Franz, U-matic, Brut (za / for RTV Ljubljana), Ljubljana 1988, 3' 43''

Unsere pop Grupe
Laibach, U-matic, Brut, Ljubljana 1987, 4' 28''

Laibach v Plečniku / Laibach in Plečnik
Laibach, U-matic, Brut, Ljubljana 1987

Life is Life
Laibach, U-matic, Brut & FV Video/ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1988, 4'


Personal projects

Ljubljana, Galerija ŠKUC

Sintetični rock / Synthetic Rock (Video CD 83), Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom (video performance with Borghesia)

ATV Programme (pilot, opening credits and general direction of three hour programme), Ljubljana

Festivals and screenings

1. International Biennial Video CD 83, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- International Meeting On Youth Culture, Rome, Forum Boario -- Alternative Film Video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- Kaj je alternativa, Ljubljana, MC Zgornja Šiška

Tendencias, Prologo a la Bienal de Produccion Juvenil del Area Mediterranea, Barcelona -- Jugowave, Mestre, Galleria Lillo -- Video '84, Montreal

2. International Biennial Video CD 85, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- Cult video, Visioni marginali, Bari, Caffe Voltaire -- Fukui International Video Festival, Tokyo, Phoenix Plaza, Audio-Visual Center -- Alternative Film Video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- EU Video, Bologna

B'Biennale, Thessaloniki -- Videofest, Berlin, Akademie der Künste der DDR -- ŠKUC Production, Toronto, Funnel Eksperimental Film Center, Rivoli club > Durham, Art Gallery > New York, Millennium -- Video festival Skopje `86, Skopje -- Alternative Film Video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- 3. jugoslovanski festival tržnih komunikacij, Portorož, Avditorij -- Najnovejša jugoslovanska video produkcija / La récente production Vidéo en Yougoslavie, Koper, Galerija Loža > Paris, Centre culturel Yougoslave (Video match France - Yougoslavie)

Jugoslovenska dokumenta 87, Sarajevo, Collegium artisticum -- Biennal '87 - Produccions culturals juvenils de l'Europa, Barcelona -- Recent Slovene Video Production, London, Air Gallery -- Videomix 001, Zagreb -- Blows Against Empire: Video Art in Yugoslavia, Los Angeles, American Film Institute > San Francisco, Artists Space

4. edizione della Biennale giovani, Bologna -- 4. Manifestation Internationale de Video et TV Montbéliard, Montbéliard -- International Video Art: Yugoslavia, Boston, The Institute of Contemporary Art -- Copenhagen Workshop Festival, Copenhagen -- 3. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom

Video susreti '89, Sarajevo, Muzej XIV. ZOI -- Videomix 002, Zagreb -- 17. teden domačega filma, Celje, Likovni salon Celje -- Alpe Adria Cinema, Trieste, Teatro Miela -- 4. mednarodni bienale Video CD 89, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- Expansion & Transformation, The Third Fukui International Biennial, Fukui -- Videofest `89, Berlin, Akademie der Künste der DDR

4. Videonale, Bonn, Bonner Kunstverein

Slovenski video (17th ICSID), Ljubljana, Galerija ZDSLU

The Wise Hand `97, Ljubljana, Galerija Riharda Jakopiča -- Iskanje izgubljenega časa, 15 let Forumove video produkcije, Ljubljana, Slovenska kinoteka -- Tzara Marathon Night (Tzara Rerum Novara), Chisinau

Iskanje izgubljenega časa, 15 let Forumove video produkcije, Maribor, Pekarna > Koper, Mladinski kulturni center > Postojna, Mladinski kulturni delovni center > Črnomelj, Mladinski kulturni klub > Železniki, Kulturno društvo Rov Železniki > Krško, Atrij Valvasorjeve hiše -- London, Cinema lux