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Video is the cheapest film genre, a guerilla form of film in which everything is allowed.


Born on 1 July 1961 in Ljubljana. He finished the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana in 1980, and studied camera at the Faculty of Film and Theatre in Belgrade in 1986-88. He was a member of the Laibach group from 1980 to 1984. During this period he created several independent video projects under the pseudonym Keller.
Since 1983 he has been working as a cameraman and director of photography and has been a permanent collaborator in the ŠKUC-Forum, later Forum, video production. Since 1987 he has been employed at RTV Ljubljana, later TV Slovenija, as a cameraman.


VHS, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 24'
Author Keller (Andrej Lupinc)
Cast Alenka Dolinar, Tanja Zgonc etc.

The only common point of the scenes with a woman, or woman's body, and a naked man in front of the mirror are the human parts from the title of the work. In the first scene we hear a voice-off cynically forcing somebody to 'move the fat ass', while the image shows this very act. Thus we can understand the sentence literally, especially in the domain of the visual, which is really a fertile soil for narcissism. This is evident from the second scene, in which a young man watches himself in the mirror. However, the self-satisfied displaying of bodies is finally disturbed by the threat of danger introduced into the picture by means of a fully-dressed woman.

VHS, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1985, 20'
Author Keller (Andrej Lupinc)
Cast Alenka Dolinar, Irena Hrast, Janez Štamberger, Dušan Mandić, etc.

Seven scenes representing stereotypes from horror films: horror masks, murders with sharp objects, a murder in the shower - which, however, differs from the classical film version in the video-processed horrified face, freezed to infinity. In most cases, horror emanates from the humour of almost homely scenes: a man changes into a werewolf while eating fried eggs; a girl collects chocolate candies in a meadow when suddenly a hand bursts from the earth and grasps her. The scenes are accompanied by repetitive electronic music.

U-matic, Brut, Ljubljana 1985, 20'
Avtor Andrej Lupinc

Shots from documentary and propaganda films: The Youth Constructs, Obzornik, The 3rd Congress of Slovene Youth. The films of youth work actions, processed by video technology.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1997, 60'
Author Andrej Lupinc
Cast Slovensko Mladinsko Gledališče / Slovensko Mladinsko Theatre

The story of a tourist who gets lost in a South American metropolis. He wanders into a dangerous suburb, where he meets a strange family and Roberto Zucco - the adventurer, poet and murderer.


Documentary video

Abbildungen Variete
VHS, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 5'
Project of the Abbildungen Variete group in the ŠKUC Gallery.

Kaleidoscope No. 1
VHS, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 6'
Authors Andrej Lupinc & Marina Gržinić
The exhibition of posters and photographs from FV Disco, the first issue of Viks magazine, Video-Box-Bar, and Tanja Špenko's exhibition in the ŠKUC Gallery.

Kaleidoscope No. 2
VHS, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 8'
Authors Andrej Lupinc & Marina Gržinić
Presentation of the Linije Sile alternative fashion group, and the photographers Jane Štravs and Jože Suhadolnik.

Kaleidoscope No. 3
VHS, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1984, 10'
Authors Andrej Lupinc & Marina Gržinić
Graffiti production of the Ljubljana subcultural scene in FV Disco, ŠKUC Gallery and Kapelica.

Was ist Kunst
U-matic, ŠKUC-Forum & Brut, Ljubljana 1985, 5'
Authors Andrej Lupinc & Marina Gržinić
Shots of paintings and sculptures by the IRWIN group edited on the music by the Laibach group.

Nove tendence v umetnosti in množični kulturi '80 / New Tendencies in Art and Mass Culture of the `80s
VHS, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1985, 11'
Authors Marina Gržinić, Andrej Lupinc & Damjan Kozole
The document of the project with the same title in the ŠKUC Gallery.

Semana Santa
Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1996, 45'
The amalgamation of pagan and Christian customs (Easter) in the way of life of South American people.

SMG na turneji po Južni Ameriki / Slovensko Mladinsko Theatre Touring in South America
Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1996, 45'
Slovensko Mladinsko Theatre in Bogota, Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Tromeja / The Border of Three Countries
Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1996, 45'
Socio-historical characteristics of the Misiones province on the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The foundation and decline of Jesuit missions and their withdrawal to the jungle.

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1996, 45'
Dance as a way of life and philosophy



Group exhibitions, Festivals & Screenings

Tendencias, Prologo a la Biennal de Produccions Culturals Juvenils de l'Europa Mediterranea, Barcelona

2. mednarodni bienale Video CD 85, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- Alternative Film Video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- Cult video, Visioni marginali, Bari, Caffe Voltaire

Umjetnost - kritika usred osamdesetih, Sarajevo, Collegium artisticum -- B'Biennale, Thessaloniki -- Najnovejša jugoslovanska video produkcija / La recente production Vidéo en Yougoslavie, Koper, Galerija Loža > Paris, Centre culturel Yougoslave (Video match France - Yougoslavie)

The Wise Hand - Majski salon `97, Ljubljana, Galerija Riharda Jakopiča -- Tzara Marathon Night (Tzara Rerum Novara), Chisinau

Iskanje izgubljenega časa, 15 let Forumove video produkcije, Maribor, Pekarna > Koper, Mladinski kulturni center > Postojna, Mladinski kulturni delovni center > Črnomelj, Mladinski kulturni klub > Železniki, Kulturno društvo Rov Železniki > Krško, Atrij Valvasorjeve hiše