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My intention in creating images is twofold. First I deal with the density, structure and construction of the image. Later I direct myself towards the métier itself. The idea passes from the imaginary to concrete images, which I then layer and define their time sequence. Video enchants me because of its precise technology and the possibility to manipulate the image. I see it as a very exact means of the creation of images. If Caravaggio and Schwitters were still alive, they would certainly work with video.

Video is a very useful medium. It enables quick return information, it is handy and feather-light. It is as if made for internal use, and is especially productive in warm, dry places.


Born on 13 October 1956 in Ljubljana. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, where he also completed postgraduate studies in sculpture (M. A. in Fine Arts, 1988). Member of the Ana Monro Theatre (1981-1991) and of the R IRWIN S group (1983-1985). His field of interest covers different media: performance, sculpture, installations, video, film and theatre. He works as a free-lance artist.


VHS, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1983, 17'
Script & Dir Mare Kovačič
Cast Mare Kovačič
Camera Marijan Osole-Max
Music Pere Ubu, Einstürzende Neubauten, Renaldo and the Loaf, Glen Branca
Edit Miran Šušteršič

The video is based on the documentary shots of the performance. The video image is used as a surface which enables black-and-white contrasts, the play of light and shadow. The video surface bears similarities with a painted canvas, but it differs from it in enabling the motion and pulsation of images in the rhythm of music. In the end a man of flesh and blood appears from behind the two-dimensional image - the performer and the maker of the video at the same time.

U-matic, ŠKUC-Forum, Ljubljana 1985, 16'
Script & Dir Mare Kovačič
Cast Andrej Rozman, Aina Šmid, Borut Cajnko, Mare Kovačič
Camera Andrej Lupinc
Music Bernard Herrmann, Dmitrij Šoštakovič
Edit Max, Mare Kovačič

The video starts as a criminal story of one man chasing another, whereby the emphasis is not laid on the final outcome, but on colour surfaces that sneak into the black-and-white world of industrial plant. Then the colour instantly covers the entire video surface, a naked man's body appears and the camera starts revealing its details. The end of the video presents seemingly frozen bodies which, within the medium of motion pictures, endeavour once again to find the illusion of stillness offered by fine art.

U-matic, Brut, Ljubljana 1986, 6'
Script & Dir Marko Kovačič
Cast Marko Kovačič
Camera Max, Miran Šuštaršič, Irma Mežnarič, Frenk Retelj
Music Brane Zorman
Edit Max
Sets & Costumes Marko Kovačič

The hero first appears in real surroundings (the documentary effect), but in the next moment he finds himself in front of a rich fine-art scenery. The chroma-key effect is used to manifest some other world (the illusion of dreams). The scenery, however, does not give the impression of immobility, but appears dynamic because of the changing surfaces; this is enhanced also by the constant motion of the hero ceaselessly changing between two roles, the pursuer and the pursued, and thus presenting the Hollywood-movie stereotype of pursuit. The use of a human-size puppet Mickey Mouse, one of the most famous media figures made by the factory of dreams, only enhances the colourfulness and
dreamfulness of the video.

U-matic, Brut, Ljubljana 1986, 1'
Script & Dir Marko Kovačič
Edit Marijan Osole - Max
Cast Marko Kovačič

A contribution to Avtovizija (Autovision), an edition of the Integrali (Integrals) series. The video enables the layering of two images: the electronically processed face of the author in the background and the action in the foreground with the author moving in the style of detective films, hiding and waiting.

U-matic, Marko Kovačič, Ljubljana 1987, 2'
Script & Dir Marko Kovačič
Cast Marko Kovačič
Camera Andrej Lupinc
Music Brane Zorman
Edit Neven Korda

The video is based on the performance of the same title. The metamorphosis of image is enabled by electronic technology. A step further from the chroma-key procedure of inserting of the front plane of the image into some other background, which invests the modified image with greater dynamics and gives it the mark of experiment. The use of digital (mirror) effects allows for the reproduction of the same image in the rhythm of music.

Beta SP, V.S. Video / Forum, Ljubljana 1992, 19'
Script Marko Kovačič based upon the performance of the same title by Marko Kovačič, Matjaž Pikalo, Žiga Saksida & Sebastjan Starič
Dir Marko Kovačič
Cast Sebastjan Starič, Žiga Saksida, Matjaž Pikalo, Marko Kovačič
Camera Andrej Lupinc
Music Borghesia
Edit Andrej Kregar
Sets Koko Art

A video grotesque on the subject of war in Bosnia. By means of chroma-key procedure the protagonists move in various sceneries. One of them first sneaks into a documentary showing a meeting of the leading European politicians. Soon, however, 'the meeting' loses every trace of a document, and the negotiation of standpoints turns into the game of chess. The image becomes covered with black-and-red chess field where two opponents move their transformed mechanical toys. A reporter comments on the development of the game, but the sets and props prevail in the image. The music with intensive Balkan melos is an important element, and so are the fragments of the performance of the same title -
the seal of the artist.

U-matic, Marko A. Kovačič & Gledališče Ane Monro (GAM), Ljubljana 1993, 14'
Script & Dir Marko A. Kovačič & GAM
Cast GAM
Camera Marko A. Kovačič
Music GAM, Renaldo and the Loaf, John Carpenter
Edit Marko A. Kovačič & Mateja Klarič
Sets & Costumes GAM

The video was made in the genuine ambience of a half-destroyed apartment of 'Miss Salender', and it is a kind of visual document of the Ana Monro Theatre (GAM) style. The work is composed of various gags by Ana Monro's eccentric actors whose bizarre figures are set against the dull, but also very 'cruel', ruined walls. The same 'cruelty' radiates from the normal city environment which, in the beginning of the video, forms the background for a female 'video creature'. There are no artificial sceneries in this video, but the human figures featuring in it look just like artificial forms.

Beta SP, Digital D3 mastering, V.S. Video / Forum Ljubljana & VPK, Ljubljana 1995, 10'
Script Andrej Rozman Roza
Dir Marko A. Kovačič
Cast Andrej Rozman Roza, Sebastjan Starič, Marko A. Kovačič
Camera Andrej Lupinc
Music 2227
Edit Iztok Šuc
Sets Marko A. Kovačič
Costumes Katarina Nikolov

The main expressive means still remains the chroma-key effect, but the fine-art sophistication of the 'background' is evermore perfected. This video is based on a monologue of a professor of archaeology from the 23rd century, explaining to his promising student about an archaeological site inhabited by 'plastoses', a sort of monstrous toys - e.g., a rhinoceros with Barbie's head - illustrating the current fetish of kitsch. There remain some traces of performance in the video, supplemented with digital
animation. The artist constantly constructs new settings, designed to the minutest detail in his studio, where the heroes of the video move in all directions by means of the chroma-key procedure.

Docomentary video

Štirje jezdeci / Four Riders
Video8, Marko A. Kovačič, Ljubljana 1993, 4'
The costumed actors (Death, Knight, Devil, Victory) from the Bellum contra solem performance enact a fight in industrial surroundings.

Od Zlatega jabolka do Velikega mrhovinarja / From the Golden Apple to the Great Predator
Video8, Marko A. Kovačič & Gledališče Ane Monro, Ljubljana 1993, 60'
Performances by the Ana Monro Theatre, the most influential alternative theatre of the eighties in Slovenia.

Cirkus Kansky
Video8, Marko A. Kovačič & Gledališče Ane Monro, Ljubljana 1993, 16'
Outdoor performance by Ana Monro Theatre.

Music Video

I've Seen That... Like It Is
Beta SP, digital D3 mastering, V.S. Video & Strip Core / Forum Ljubljana, Ljubljana 1993, 6'
Two video clips of a Ljubljana band 2227, with a projection of graffiti by the Strip Core group.


Casus belli
Super 8, ŠKUC, Ljubljana 1983, 15'

Part II
Super 8, ŠKUC, Ljubljana 1984, 16'

Hey Joe
Super 8, ŠKUC, Ljubljana 1984, 5'

Inspector Shwake
16 mm, ŠKUC, Ljubljana 1985, 5'



Casus belli, Ljubljana, Galerija ŠKUC > Disko FV Rijeka, Omladinski klub
Casus belli (Video CD 83), Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom (video performance)
1492, Ljubljana (street performance)

Strike, Ljubljana (street performance)

Ogledalo pozna skrivnost / Mirror Knows the Secret, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom > Gledališče Glej

Ogledalo pozna skrivnost / Mirror Knows the Secret, Barcelona, Theatre Zeleste
Jupitrova daritev / The Sacrifice of Jupiter (with Marko Košnik & Borut Cajnko), Split, Dioklecijanova palača

Requiem, Ljubljana, Moderna galerija

Neresnično nas prebuja iz spanca resničnosti / The Unreal
Awakens Us Out of the Sleep of Reality (with Marko Košnik), Kranj, Galerija Prešernova hiša

Bellum contra solem (with Asociacija Fusnet), Nova Gorica,
blokovsko naselje Kitajski zid
No More Heroes Any More I (Moskva 2017), Ljubljana,
Klub K4 - KUD France Prešeren

No More Heroes Any More II, Ljubljana, Slovensko mladinsko gledališče (performance and video screening)
No More Heroes Any More, M'zin, No. 13, december 1992 (cover)

Naprej v preteklost / Forth Into the Past, Ljubljana, Metelkova

The Drug of the Natyon (with 2227, Fourklor, etc.), Ljubljana, Lutkovno gledališče > Copenhagen, Kronborg
For Your Eyes Only (exhibition), Warsaw, Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej - Zamek Ujazdowski

Personal Exhibitions

Casus belli (film screening and performance during the
Casus belli, Viks, No. 1, november 1983
Sv. Urh: Pokoli in mučenja na slovenskem Primorskem
in Štajerskem / St. Urh: Slaughters and Tortures at Slovene
Primorska and Štajerska Regions (graffiti project with R IRWIN S), Ljubljana, Disko FV
Bauhaus v soočenju z Gledališčem Ane Monro / Bauhaus in Confrontation with the Ana Monro Theatre (graffiti project with R IRWIN S), Ljubljana, Kapelica

Srednjeveški mrak: ruska sakralna umetnost - ikone / Medieval Obscurity: Russian Sacral Art - Icons (graffiti project with R IRWIN S), Ljubljana, Kapelica
Sem dolgo upal in se bal / Long I Hoped and Feared (graffiti project with R IRWIN S), Ljubljana, Disko FV
Histeria in njeni retro prijateljici / Hysteria and Her Two Retro Girlfriends (graffiti project with R IRWIN S), Ljubljana, Galerija ŠKUC
Back to the USA (with R IRWIN S), Ljubljana, Galerija ŠKUC

Was ist Kunst (with IRWIN), Ljubljana, Galerija ŠKUC

Intra muros (Art ljeto 87), Split, Galerija Protiron

Programiranje pogleda / Programming the Gaze (with Institut Egon March & Cian. kb), Ljubljana, Galerija ŠKUC

Kabinet M / Cabinet M (with Marko Košnik), Kranj, Galerija Prešernova hiša
Fragmenti / Fragments (with Institut Egon March), Celje, Likovni salon
Kralj Matjaž in Winetoujevi dediči / King Mathias and the Heirs of Winetou (with Institut Egon March), Ljubljana, Center IDCO

Boxman (with Bojan Salaj), Ljubljana, Klub K4 (video screening during the exhibition)

Heroji padajo / Heroes Are Falling, Ljubljana, Slovensko mladinsko gledališče

Žeja / Thirst, Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren (premiere)

Naprej v preteklost / Forth Into the Past, Ljubljana, Galerija
ŠKUC > Celje, Galerija sodobne umetnosti > Maribor,
Razstavni salon Rotovž

Laterna magica, Ljubljana, Mala galerija
Stolovid / Chair-View (Urbanaria - Part Two), Ljubljana, five inns
Katastropolis 2227, Koper, Galerija Loža
Naprej v preteklost / Forth into the Past, Ljubljana, Slovensko mladinsko gledališče (premiere) > Kinoteka
Novoletne čestitke - Katastropolis 2227, Ars Vivendi, No. 28, December 1995

Zatišje pred viharjem / A Lull Before the Storm, Ljubljana, Bežigrajska galerija
Disinfected for Your Protection (For Your Eyes Only), Warsaw, Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej - Zamek Ujazdowski
Nerealizirani projekti / Unrealised Projects, Ljubljana, Metelkova

Izgubljeni horizont / The Lost Horizon, Ljubljana, Galerija ŠOU Kapelica
Fragmenti pozabe / Fragments of Oblivion, Škofja Loka, Galerija Ivana Groharja

Fiziognomika plastosa / The Physiognomy of Plastoses, Ljubljana, Informacijski center Moderne galerije
Zvezda? / The Star? (Metelkova mesto) Ljubljana, Galerija Alkatraz
Markov kot / Marko's Corner from the Katastropolis collection, Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana, Sot 24
Med bližnjiki in sorodniki / Among Kith and Kin, (with Žiga Koritnik & Miha Krivic), Ljubljana, Galerija Š.O.U. Kapelica


Marko Kovačič, Postperformance, Ekran, No. 1/2, 1985

Group Exhibitions, Festivals & Screenings

11. jugoslavenski bienale mladih, Rijeka, Moderna galerija

Razstava risbe študentov Akademije za likovno umetnost v Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Iskra -- Razstava študentov Akademije za likovno umetnost v Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Mestna galerija -- Razstava študentov 3. letnika kiparstva in slikarstva Akademije za likovno umetnost v Ljubljani, Murska Sobota, Kulturni dom -- Razstava študentov Akademije za likovno umetnost v Ljubljani, Ravne na Koroškem, Ravenski grad, Likovni salon -- Mednarodni simpozij varilstva, Ljubljana, Varilni inštitut -- Forma viva, Ljubljana, Šola za kadete RSNZ

International Meeting On Youth Culture, Rome, Forum Boario -- 1. mednarodni bienale Video CD 83, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- Razstava del študentov Akademije za likovno umetnost, Ljubljana, Mestna galerija -- Alternative film video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- 18. meuklupski i autorski festival amaterskog filma Jugoslavije (MAFAF), Pula, Kaštel, Muzej narodne revolucije Istre -- Kaj je alternativa, Ljubljana, MC Zgornja Šiška -- Međunarodna ljetna kiparska škola Kornarija 1983, Marušići -- Metalna, Krmelj

Razstava del študentov Akademije za likovno umetnost v Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Mestna galerija -- Tendencias, Prologo a la Biennal de Produccions Culturals Juvenils de l'Europa Mediterranea, Barcelona -- Jugowave, Mestre, Galleria Lillo -- Jugoslovenski susreti mladih, Belgrade

I. Biennal de Produccions Culturals Juvenils de l'Europa Mediterranea, Barcelona -- 2nd International Super Eight Film Festival, Leicester -- Razstava novih članov ZDSLU, Ljubljana, Galerija ZDSLU -- 13. jugoslavenski bienale mladih, Rijeka, Mali salon -- 19. festival 8 mm amaterskog filma Jugoslavije, Novi Sad -- 2. mednarodni bienale Video CD 85, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- Alternative film video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- Cult video, Visioni marginali, Bari, Caffe Voltaire -- Nova slovenska vizualna scena, Sarajevo, Kulturni centar ZOI '84 -- Forma Zreče 85, Zreče

1. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom -- ŠKUC Production, Toronto, Funnel Eksperimental Film Center, Rivoli club > Durham, Art Gallery > New York, Millennium -- Umjetnost - kritika usred osamdesetih, Sarajevo, Collegium artisticum -- B'Biennale, Thessaloniki -- Video festival Skopje `86, Skopje, Umetnička galerija Skopje -- Najnovejša jugoslovanska video produkcija / La récente production Vidéo en Yougoslavie, Koper, Galerija Loža > Paris, Centre culturel Yougoslave (Video match France - Yougoslavie) -- Teden video arta, Kranj, Galerija Prešernova hiša -- Alternative film video, Belgrade, Akademski filmski centar, Dom kulture Studentski grad -- Razstava študentov akademije za likovno umetnost v Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Mestna galerija

Jugoslovenska dokumenta 87, Sarajevo, Collegium artisticum -- Video susreti `87, Sarajevo, Muzej XIV. ZOI -- V. video susret, Belgrade, Galerija Studentskog kulturnog centra -- II. Biennal de Produccions Culturals Juvenils de l'Europa Mediterranea, Barcelona -- Ružičasti nihilizam, Sarajevo, Umjetnička galerija BIH -- Recent Slovene Video Production, London, Air Gallery -- 3. mednarodni bienale Video CD 87, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- Blows Against Empire: Video Art in Yugoslavia, Los Angeles, American Film Institute > San Francisco, Artists Space

International Video Art: Yugoslavia, Boston, The Institute of Contemporary Art -- 3. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom -- Alternative film video, Belgrade, Novi klub -- Jesenski salon mladih, Zagreb, Umjetnički paviljon

15. jugoslavenski bienale mladih, Rijeka, Mali salon -- Izkušnja predmeta, Ljubljana, Moderna galerija > Piran, Obalne galerije Piran -- 4. mednarodni bienale Video CD 89, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom -- Triduum im Unikum, Klagenfurt, Universität Klagenfurt -- 19. festival 8 mm amaterskog filma Jugoslavije, Novi Sad, Kino klub -- Umjetnost i ideologija: umjetnost za i protiv, Banja Luka, Umjetnička galerija -- Prisotnost geometrije, Ljubljana, Galerija Rebeka -- 8. dubrovački salon, Dubrovnik, Umjetnička galerija -- Jugoslovenska dokumenta 89, Sarajevo, Olimpijski centar Skenderija -- Deconstruction, Quotation & Subversion: Video from Yugoslavia (Metaphisical Visions, Middle Europe), New York, Artists Space > Boston, ICA -- Likovni trenutek 89, Ljubljana, Likovno razstavišče Rihard Jakopič -- Jugoslovanski bienale male plastike, Murska Sobota, Galerija kulturnega centra Miško Kranjec -- 17. teden domačega filma, Celje, Likovni salon Celje -- Alpe Adria Cinema, Trieste, Teatro Miela

Prisotnost geometrije v slovenski umetnosti, Trieste, Galerija TK (Tržaška knjigarna) -- Jugoslovanski bienale male plastike, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom > Moscow > Szombathely

Zimski salon, Ljubljana, Mestna galerija > Salzburg -- Slovenske Atene, Ljubljana, Moderna galerija

Slovenski video (17. ICSID), Ljubljana, Galerija ZDSLU -- Piazza virtuale: Neurope to Europe, project Ljubljana - Kassel, KUD France Prešeren > Kanal A > Sat 3 > Documenta IX -- 1. slovenski video festival, Idrija, grad Gewerkenegg

De Slovenen komen, Venlo, OOC Peron 55 -- Ostranenie: Erschütterte Mythen - Neue Realitäten, 1. Internationales Videofestival, Dessau, Bauhaus -- De Arc (Antwerpen Cultural Capital of Europe), Gent -- Flugblatt Aktion (Europäer), Graz, Grazer Kunstverein > Ljubljana, Metelkova -- Monumental Propaganda, New York, Courtyard Gallery > Moscow, Institute of Contemporary Art > Tallinn > Washington, Smithsonian International Gallery -- 8. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kulturni dom -- Fotoelektrografije 1979-1993, Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren -- Alpe Adria Cinema, Trieste, Cinema Excelsior -- SLO Wochenende, Schwetberg

Best of Ostranenie 93, New York, Knitting Factory > Ljubljana, Moderna galerija > Zagreb, Umjetnički paviljon > Berlin, Czech Cultural Center > Bonn (Europa-Europa), Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany -- A Past Memorized - A Future Conceived: Video From Slovenia, Rotterdam, Zaal die Unie > Amsterdam, Netherlands Film Museum > Vienna, Medienwerkstatt > Graz, ESC > München, Marstal, Bayerischer Staatscheuspiel > Iowa, School of Art and Art History > Kassel -- Slovenački video danas, Belgrade, Bitef teatar -- Monumental Propaganda, Ljubljana, Moderna galerija -- From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Rijeka, Moderna galerija > Maribor, Media Nox > Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren > Skopje, Muzej na sovremenata umetnost > Udine (Videokids '94), Sala Video Cinema Ferroviario > Portogruaro -- Von uns aus... Neue Kunst aus Slowenien, Marburg, Universitätsmuseum für bildende Kunst > Wiesbaden > Bonn > Brussels > Göttingen > Hamburg > Darmstadt > Stuttgart -- Cetinjski bienale, Cetinje, Plavi dvorac -- 22. Festival der Nationen, Ebensee, Kino Ebensee -- U3, 1. trienale sodobne slovenske umetnosti, Ljubljana, Moderna galerija -- Urbanaria - Part One, Ljubljana, NUK

The Collection of the P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum: Slovene Art of the 1990s, Budapest, Mücsarnok > Bochum, Museum Bochum -- Tunel (Dan planeta Zemlje `95), Zagreb, Tunel pod Gričem -- Mikulići `95, Zagreb, Pongračev dvorac -- Arte a Pordenone, Pordenone -- From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Moscow, Centre for Contemporary Arts > St. Peterburg, Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - St. Petersburg -- Cash & Carry, Ljubljana, Galerija Škuc -- 5. slovenski filmski maraton, Portorož, Avditorij -- International symposium de sculpture (Luxembourg Ville Européenne de la Culture), Esch-sur-Alzette

Najnowsza sztuka video ze Slowenii, Centrum Sztuki - Wspolczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw -- Alpe Adria Cinema, Trieste, Cinema Excelsior -- Videoformes 96, Clermont Ferrand, Maison des Congres, Salle Multimedia -- Tanz-Geschichten 24, Köln, Cinemathek Köln -- From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Los Angeles, CalArts > LACE Gallery -- 24. Festival der Nationen, Ebensee, Kino Ebensee -- Senzatitolo - Eventi, Azioni, Esposizioni, Rovereto, Auditorium R. Zandonai -- Trnfest, Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren -- Immaginario altro, Trieste, Sala Franco -- Pepelkova - Gromki festival, Ljubljana, Metelkova -- LUR, Mostar, Kulturni dom -- Monumental Propaganda, Fullerton, Muckenthaler Art Center > Miami Beach, Bass Museum of Art > Kansas City, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and Design -- Cybersalon akvarij, Celje, Likovni salon Celje -- Študentski kulturni dnevi, Ljubljana, Kinoteka -- 6e Mondial de la video - 18e Festival International du Film Super 8 et Video, Brussels, Centre culturel Jacques Franck -- 5e Biennale Internationale du Film sur l'Art, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou -- Hi-Tech umeni, Brno, Dum umeni

Media in Media, Ljubljana, Mestna galerija -- Kabinet najdenih predmetov, Koper, Galerija Loža -- Monumental Propaganda, Helsinki, Helsinki City Art Museum > Uppsala, Uppsala Konstmuseum -- Videospotting (European Cultural Month), Ljubljana, Klub Metropol -- Modra roka - Majski salon `97, Ljubljana, Galerija Riharda Jakopiča -- 3. Sarajevo film festival, Sarajevo, Kinoteka BH -- Hicetnunc, San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Ex Essiccatoio Bozzoli -- LUR, Sarajevo, Collegium artisticum, Euro Club -- This Art is Recycled, Ljubljana, Galerija Škuc -- Interstanding 2, Tallinn, Eesti Kunstakadeemia > Tartu, Eesti Rahva Museum -- Slovenski plakat devetdesetih let, Ljubljana, Galerija Riharda Jakopiča -- Iskanje izgubljenega časa, 15 let Forumove video produkcije, Ljubljana, Slovenska kinoteka -- Fiat - festival internacionalnog alternativnog teatra, Podgorica, Dom omladine Budo Tomović, pozorište Dodest -- Tzara Marathon Night (Tzara Rerum Novara), Chisinau

Iskanje izgubljenega časa, 15 let Forumove video produkcije, Maribor, Pekarna > Koper, Mladinski kulturni center > Postojna, Mladinski kulturni delovni center > Črnomelj, Mladinski kulturni klub > Železniki, Kulturno društvo Rov Železniki > Krško, Atrij Valvasorjeve hiše -- Avant-garde Films and Videos from Central Europe (Festival of Central European Culture), London, Cinema Lux -- Body and the East, Ljubljana, Moderna galerija -- Intra muros - Med zidovi, ARTileria, Kluže -- Permanent Instability (Onufri'98), Tirana, National Gallery