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Perhaps the principal charm of the video medium is precisely its 'universal visibility', which takes up the identity of film tradition on the one hand, and the future of the virtual on the other. It is a medium in contradiction, and a dynamic of interactions without a connection to the whole. However, it also offers the possibility of the co-existence of the real and the imaginary, the present and memory, the past and the future, dreams and the conscious. In this context, the overriding theme of all my projects has been the architecture of the picture or the architecture of every actual surface, coded through the choreography of the movement of the camera. Therefore I speak of my works as gesture video, which in later installations leads to the colonisation of space by the picture, or to the dance of light and darkness.


Born on 15 February 1959 in Maribor. She took studies of film directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. During studies she was assistant director to several Slovene and foreign directors. She is a member of the Association of Film Workers of Slovenia and of the Association of Visual Artists of Slovenia. Her field of interest covers different media: installation, video and film. She works as a free-lance artist.


Beta, VPK, Ministrstvo za kulturo RS & TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1992, 15'
Script & Dir Jasna Hribernik
Cast Sanja Nešković, Sergej Gordijenko
Camera Vlado Drašković
Music Dome, This Heat
Edit Andrej Kregar

Two dancers, a man and a woman, present different human positions and movements in the space, and thus represent different times and spaces. The repetitive scenes of people walking around indicate the passage of time, while the fixed structure of the staircase delienates permanency.

Script & Dir Jasna Hribernik
Cast Sanja Nešković & Zmago Lenardič
Camera Jožef Jagrič
Music Peter Penko & April Nine
Edit Tomo Zajc
Costumes Alan Hranitelj

Nostalgia for times past and echoes of the genteel sounds of the piano. Time is defined by countless little details reappearing in different places - just like film, which is the art of detail and exploration, but which also stems from the past. We see a mighty but decaying old house, which hides its own memories. The picture is coloured brown in the hue of old photographs. The colour, scent and sound of the past is being violently interrupted by the image of modernity in the form of a dancer moving to techno-beats. The colour of this interfering image of modernity is bright green. It is also a metaphor of the video image on our television sets, which is becoming increasingly violent and insensitive to the time of introspection.

Beta, Sfinga, TV Slovenija & Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Ljubljana 1996, 18' 21''
Script & Dir Jasna Hribernik
Cast Jasna Knez
Camera Jure Pervanje
Music Peter Penko, April Nine
Edit Tomo Zajc

In the late seventies, the expressive dancer Jasna Knez travelled through the former Yugoslavia creating new dance elements inspired by the particularities of individual cultural surroundings. The video traces her steps during the nineties, but now they are often viewed as absurd documents of the post-war period. The layering of the images combines body movements and the geography of space, but their visual harmony is disturbed by a graphic sign undergoing several transformations, including an animated drawing. The graphic sign was made in the manner of the old Bogomilian gravestones from the 14th and 15th centuries, which are among the most original works of European folk art and document the crossing of different cultures.

Beta, VPK, Ljubljana 1997, 3'
Authors Jasna Hribernik & Zmago Lenardič
Cast Sanja Nešković, Zmago Lenardič
Camera Izidor Farič
Music Richard Wagner, Il gran teatro Amaro
Edit Boris Gregorič

A variation on Wagner and his opera Lohengrin. There is no Wagnerian hero, but a ballerina dancing to the opera, which later transforms into a modern song, and the ballerina also turns into a modern dancer. Both dancers, however, resemble a woman covered with roses and lying under transparent plastic - Snow White, or Laura Palmer?

Beta, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1997, 8'
Script & Dir Jasna Hribernik
Camera Jožef Jagrič
Music Jasna Hribernik (arhivska / archive)
Edit Tomo Zajc

By layering of pictures the artist succeded in simultaneously presenting the past and the present. Destruction of a house represents the present, and fragments from letters written by people who used to live in the house represent the past. An off-screen voice reads the letters, but the sounds soon become unintelligible - for who gives us the right to rummage through the intimacies of these anonymous people?
Anonymous they shall remain. For a moment we even see their faces in photographs, but these photographs are something we have yet to become: history.

Documentary video

Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1991, 15'
A dance performance, devised and choreographed by Henrik Neubauer for camera.

Černobilski zvonovi / The Bells of Chernobyl
Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana & Sinji Šar, Kiev 1991, 45'
The absurdity of Russian reality presented through the rock concert dedicated to the victims of Chernobyl.

Nikoli me ne glej v oči / Never Look into My Eyes
Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana & Art Press, Kiev, 1991, 29' 44''
The life of musicians and painters in Kiev.

Dan umira rano / The Day is Dying Early
Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana & Art Press, Kiev, 1991, 23'
On the Christian Orthodox religion in Ukraine.

Fenomen človeka / The Phenomenon of Human Being
Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana & Art Press, Kiev, 1991, 27'
A presentation of a renowned Ukrainian woman healer.

Hiša nasprotij / House of Contrasts
Beta SP, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1998, 26'
Ljubljana's indoor marketplace conceals an unusual contrast: the vendors in the basement and theology students in the upper levels.


Presej poželenje / Sift the Desire!
16 mm, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1985, 35'

45 kilometrov morja / 45 Km of Sea
16 mm, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1985, 14'

Ribič - noč in dan / Fisherman - Day and Night
16 mm, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1987, 10'

Jutri / Tomorrow
16 mm, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1987, 35'

Sijaj v temi / Glow in the Dark
16 mm, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1988, 45'

Ljubljanski krog / The Ljubljana Circle
16 mm, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1988, 45'

Čas je zdaj / The Time is Now
16 mm, TV Slovenija, Ljubljana 1989, 45'


Video Installations

Stopnišče / Staircase, Ljubljana, Galerija Škuc

Stopnišče / Staircase, Ostranenie, Dessau, Walter Gropius, Konsum Gebeude

Stopnišče / Staircase, Long Beach, Long Beach Museum of Art Foundation - Intelligent Ambience

Ballabende, Postaja Topolovo, Topolo (with Zmago Lenardič)

Recycling Opera, Copenhagen
Ljubljana (City Flowers of the World), Copenhagen, Nordjydsk Kulturland

Elsa und Lohengrin, Ljubljana, Spomeniškovarstveni center
(with Zmago Lenardič)
Riba faronika (Modra roka - Majski salon '97), Ljubljana,
Galerija Riharda Jakopiča

Elsa und Lohengrin, Maribor, Pekarna (with Zmago Lenardič)

Festivals and screenings

Sport film festival, Torino

Festival JRTV produkcije, Planica

7. film video monitor, Gorizia, Kino Vittoria -- New Visions of Film and Video, Glasgow -- Muu Media 92 Festival, Helsinki -- 1. slovenski video festival, Idrija, grad Gewerkenegg

1. video festival, Idrija, KUD Naprej -- Alpe-Adria Cinema, Trieste, Teatro Miela -- World Wide Video Festival, The Hague, Kijkhuis -- 16. Tokio Video Festival, Tokyo -- Ostranenie, 1. Internationales Videofestival am Bauhaus Dessau, Dessau, Bauhaus -- 5e semaine internationale Saint Gervais, Geneva -- Bienale mladih, Rijeka, Moderna galerija -- Dance Screen, Frankfurt -- 3. video film dance festival, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom

ars electronica, Linz -- Slovenački video danas, Belgrade, Bitef teatar -- From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994), Rijeka, Moderna galerija -- Maribor, Media Nox -- Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren -- Skopje, Muzej na sovremenata umetnost -- Udine (Videokids '94), Sala Video Cinema Ferroviario > Portogruaro -- A Past Memorized - A Future Conceived: Video from Slovenia > Rotterdam, Zaal die Unie > Amsterdam, Netherlands Film Museum > Vienna, Medienwerkstatt > Graz, ESC > München, Marstal, Bayerischer Staatscheuspiel > Iowa, School of Art and Art History > Kassel

Stazione di Topolo / Postaja Topolove, Topolo -- Mesto žensk, Ljubljana, Kinoteka

European Cultural Capital 1996, Copenhagen

7. slovenski filmski maraton, Portorož, Avditorij -- Videospotting (European Cultural Month), Ljubljana, Klub Metropol -- Modra roka - Majski salon `97, Ljubljana, Galerija Riharda Jakopiča -- Maraton - ne samo en dan slovenskega ženskega filma in videa (Mesto žensk), Ljubljana, Slovenska kinoteka

Maribor, Kibla (video presentation)