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Basically my involvement with moving images comes as a reaction to the typical behavioural pattern among artists regarding new technologies and media, as well to the way the art system is dealing with new developments in art. In my opinion, by accepting the new technology an artist usually accepts the mindset of the toolmaker as well, which is not entirely satisfactory. My answer was to look at the history of computer representation where ASCII seemed as an area of research out of which eventually came the moving ASCII and other inventions. In a broader sense, the habit of larger art centres to maintain the prestige by acquiring larger and larger systems is bringing the risk of founding curatorial decisions on the need to justify the hardware investments. ASCII functions well at this level, too.


Born on 31 July 1966 in Belgrade. He graduated in archaeology from the Faculty of Arts in Belgrade in 1991, and emigrated to Trieste, Italy, and then to Ljubljana in 1992. He is a member of the Ljubljana Digital Media Lab. He is active in the field of as an artist, lecturer and editor. His works are included into curricula of numerous art academies and universities.


TTYvideo software, java, VHS, Vuk Ćosić, Amsterdam-Ljubljana 1998, 55'
Script & Dir Vuk Ćosić
Programming Luka Frelih

The ASCII conversion of the historical Deep Throat.

Music video

TTYvideo software, java, VHS, Vuk Ćosić, Amsterdam-Ljubljana 1998, 55'
Script & Dir Vuk Ćosić
Programming Luka Frelih

6 video clips by the Russian cyberpunk artist Alexei Shoulgin in the moving ASCII, published at a web site as well as on a VinylVideoTM record.


Personal exhibitions and projects

Basta, Dubrovnik (with Krpan, Martek, Opalić, Talent, Tolj), Dubrovnik

Ljubljana, Flat Jurij Krpan
Trieste, Galeria Juliet
Total Egal, St. Lambrecht (with Antun Maračič & Nenad Dančuo)

Hollywood, Ljubljana, Ljubljana Castle

Le Coco Fruitwear (Urbanaria - Part Two, with Matej Andraž Vogrinčič), Ljubljana, Prešernov trg > (Trabakula), Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Split > London, ICA > (Biennale dei Giovani Artisti dell'Europa e del Mediterraneo), Torino

Velodrome Online (with Luka Frelih & Strip Core, The Drug of the Natyon), Copenhagen, Electronic Cafe International

Raziskovalni Inštitut za Geo-umetniško statistiko Republike Slovenije: Public presentation of the mobile etalon of the Slovene mediterranean metre (with Alenka Pirman & Irena Wölle), Piran, Tartinijev trg > Biennale dei Giovani Artisti dell'Europa e del Mediterraneo, Torino
A Day in the Life of a Net.artist (Media in Media), Ljubljana, Mestna galerija

History of Art for the Airports, Tank, No. 1, London

Standalone publications

RIGUSRS: Contributions Towards the Definition of the Typology and Topology of the Slovenian Mediterranean Artist (with Alenka Pirman & Irena Wölle), Ljubljana 1997

Documenta X, CD rom, Cyber, Warsaw

ASCII Music Videos, LP, VinylVideo, Vienna

war <> (z Irena Wölle)
compressed history of film <>
ascii music videos <>
ascii history of art for the blind <>
ascii history of moving images <>
zkp4 <>
documenta done <>
grant program <>
classics of <>
7-11 <>
history of art for airports <>
life for ars <>
ctw (together with crsn) <>
jodiblink <>
mira <> (z Irena Wölle)
a day in the life of an internet artist <>
metablink <>
zkp3.2.1 <>
1956 <>
moscow <>
bunker (pyjama) <>
netlab/bunker <>
refresh <> per se <>

HTML & web design

Home pages for numerous NGOs and artists: Lesbo, SOS telefon, Študentski servis ŠOU, KUDcineast, Trabakula, Delak, Os življenja, Djoni, Voda in kipi, Haikuv, Keiko, Tito, Begunec, Index, OSI-Slovenia, SCCA-Ljubljana: Media in Media, Urbanaria, Internet Portfolio (Žiga Koritnik, P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. muzej sodobne umetnosti, Strip Core, Marko Kovačič, Institut za domače raziskave, Mojca Pungerčar, Darij Kreuh, Apolonija Šusteršič, Damijan Kracina, Nataša Prosenc, Franc Purg, Petra Varl, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič).


Belgrade, Bitef teatar > Novi Sad, SF Yugoslavia -- LUR, Ljubljana, KUD F. Prešeren

Belgrade, B92 -- per se, Trieste, Teatro Miela -- Belgrade, Cinema Rex -- Gorizia, Slovenski Film Video Web Monitor -- What Happened to the Author, Maribor, Umetnostna galerija -- Celje, Likovni salon

Novi Sad, Zlatno oko

1998, text (The World of Art), Ljubljana, Galerija Škuc > Bratislava, City Museum > Dubrovnik, Otok -- Velenje, Mladinski klub -- Art Was Only A Substitute For Internet, Graz, Kunstverein -- Art in the Age of Internet and Internet in the Age of Art, St. Peterburg, SCCA-St. Petersburg -- Montreal Festival of New Film and New Media, Montreal -- Banff Center for the Arts, Banff (Canada)


Talent, cat. Talent, Galerija Škuc & Kapelica, Ljubljana 1993 -- Talent - ptica, M'zin, No. 15, 1993

Zagniboroda, Dnevnik, 12. 1. 1994 -- Hollywoodske zgodbe, Literatura, No. 35, Ljubljana 1994 -- Strip!, IZI, No. 8, Ljubljana 1994 -- Jedan čovek jedna ptica, IZI, No. 9, Ljubljana 1994 -- Hollywoodske priče, Reč, No. 1, Beograd 1994 -- En človek, ena ptica, Dnevnik, 15. 3. 94 -- Rad je sramota, Horizonti, sept. 94, Novi Sad -- CrashMedia, London

Dober dan, cat. Kontra Dibidon, Ljubljana 1995 -- Optimist! Optimist! & About Short Form, Very Cyber Indeed, No. -1, Ljubljana 1995 -- Ljubljana v Beogradu, Vreme (International), supplement, No. 232, Beograd 1995 (ed.) -- Beograd, Formart, Ljubljana No. 10, 1995

Talent: Talent Typography, 1994 Annual Catalogue of the Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana 1996 -- Digitalne metafore: Kam je šla umetnost?, Ars Vivendi, No. 29, Ljubljana 1996 -- Who drew the line? (with Alexei Shoulgin) & Very Cyber Indeed Anthology (with Luka Frelih), Nettime ZKP2 (Cyberconf 5), Madrid 1996 -- Art or Not Art, Is this a Question Any More?, Quaterly, No. 1, Tallin 1996 > cat. Trieste contemporanea, Trieste 1996 -- Refresh, floppy disk on cover, Nettime ZKP3 (Metaforum 3), Budapest 1996 -- The net.artists (with Akke Wagenaar), Nettime ZKP 3.2.1, Ljubljana 1996

I was in Belgrade, a late night nostalgia, Nettime ZKP4 (The Beauty and the East), Ljubljana 1997 > Deep_Europe, the 1996-97 edition, Rotterdam 1997 -- Slovenian Mediterranean Metre (with Alenka Pirman & Irena Wölle) & Attributes of the Slovenian Mediterranean Artists, Contributions Towards the Definition of the Typology and Topology of the Slovenian Mediterranean Artist (RIGUSRS), Ljubljana 1997

Cranma (ars electronica `98), NYC 1998 --, text in: The World of Art, Theories of Display, Ljubljana 1998 -- the cosic test, Syndicate reader (Junction Skopje), Skopje 1998

Group projects

Letter the Chair, Ljubljana, Galerija Škuc -- Epydemia: T-Shirt Project (curator), Trieste, Fine Arts Room > Rome, Forte Prenestino > Padova, Metro, 1993 > Trieste, C.C. Tempio Anglicano > Buenos Aires, Centro Espositivo, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1994 > (Arte e Parte), Milan, 1994 > Ljubljana, KUD France Prešeren, 1994 > Torino, Sala delle Arti, Collegno 1995 > Amsterdam, Dekoe, 1995 > Venezia, Morillon, 1995

Urbanaria - Part One, Ljubljana, NUK

Nettime meeting, Venezia -- Metaforum II, Budapest, Art Academy - Intermedia Department

Prima vista, Maribor, Umetnostna galerija -- Next 5 Minutes, Amsterdam, Rotterdam -- V2_ wiretap, Rotterdam -- per se, Trieste, Teatro Miela -- Metaforum III, Budapest, Art Academy - Intermedia Department -- Netlab Bunker, Berlin -- DEAF, Rotterdam

Beauty and the East, Ljubljana, Ljudmila -- ars electronica, Linz

Curating and Conserving New Media, Banff, Banff Centre for the Arts -- Art Servers Unlimited, London, Backspace & ICA -- ars electronica, Linz -- World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum -- Graz, Kunstverein -- Online Offline, Tallinn -- DEAF, Rotterdam -- Montreal Biennale, Montreal, CIAC -- Thing, New York -- Montreal Festival of New Film and New Media, Montreal -- When Art's Doin' It (The World of Art), Ljubljana, Galerija Škuc